How Antivirus Vendors Stalk Malware Daily?

How antivirus vendors stalk malware daily?

Millions of virus attack PC every month around the world. How do they arrive safely researchers to fight against this evil? We visited a virus lab to understand it.

In its annual report Security Bulletin, Kaspersky editor says he found just to the year 2014, more than 123 million. How anti virus solutions they come to deal with this exponential growth? They are not overwhelmed by the events?

Antivirus laboratory receives an interrupted flow of malware 24/7. In order to manage continuously, antivirus laboratory has several laboratories around the world, they handle over 300,000 unique binary files every day, these files come from several sources, beginning with customers and partners. When they encounter a suspicious file is not listed in the database, they can send it to the editor. In some cases, the Antivirus client software can also do it automatically through its behavioral process analysis functions. Another important source is VirusTotal, a platform that allows publishers to exchange malicious code that everyone exposed.

When Antivirus laboratory editor detects a truly new code, then the engineer conducts a reverse engineering code: How does it install? What he performs operations on the computer? How is it spread? etc.

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