Technology In The Future - The Invisible Umbrella

Technology in the future - the invisible umbrella

According to some historians, first umbrella was invented about 3,000 years ago, and since then, the design has hardly changed. Nowadays inventors of the Umbrella have come up with a new design – The Invisible Umbrella - an umbrella that repels the rain using nothing but air.

The technology umbrella is built on an of air circulation. Device force sucks air through the openings, and then blows it forming an air dome, which prevents rain drops wet the user. Air Umbrella doesn’t have spokes in fact it looks a little bit like a torch. The team behind the device has been working on Air Invisible Umbrella since July 2012 in Beijing and Nanjing universities.

The The Invisible Umbrella is powered by a lithium battery with 15 or 30 minutes life depending on the model.

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